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Our Ingredients – Black Rice VLC

The following three ingredients are key to making a good paella a superb one. We import these ingredients from Spain as we want to make every single customer feel like he was in Valencia having an authentic traditional Paella.

"Bomba" Rice

‘Bomba’ rice it is a rice variety grown in Valencia, precisely in l’Albufera , in protected areas surrounded by rice gardens.
This rice variety is characterized by its shape and water absorption capacity: it is a round grain of a size smaller than normal but which acquires the size of a traditional rice grain once cooked. This grain will never get sticky and stays loose, even after several hours of cooking. Bomba Rice is very difficult to overcook. The perfect cooking time for ‘Bomba’ rice roughly between 18 to 20 minutes.

"La Mancha" Saffron

The saffron we use is produced under the Protected Denomination of Origin ‘La Mancha Saffron’. Saffron is a spice obtained by drying stigmas from saffron flower (Crocus Sativus). Its uniqueness lies in the bond between the environmental, human, cultural and historic factors of La Mancha.

The saffron under this Protected Designation of Origin is the only spice with national quality guarantee. The specific requirements for its production, commercialization, physicochemical properties, taste and smell are registered and approved by the European Commission.

All producers must adhere to the product specification. Every year, an independent, impartial agency verifies that the product specification is met.
Some of the requirements that the saffron under the PDO La Mancha Saffron must fulfill are:

  1. Having a Spanish origin, particularly municipalities in the provinces of Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca and Toledo.
  2. It must be in the shape of stigmas.
  3. It must be always packaged in containers of less than 100 gr.
  4. It must be packaged in less than one year after its production.

Pimenton de la Vera

Our ‘Pimentón de la Vera’ (paprika) comes from the family firm ‘La Chinata’. Established in 1938, they have passed their techniques and processes down through the family ensuring both tradition and quality prevail. Our “Pimentón de la Vera” carries the Protected Denomination of Origin EU designation.

‘Pimentón de la Vera’ is probably the most famous paprika produced in Spain. ‘La Vera’ is a county in the province of Cáceres, Extremadura. Paprika was first introduced to this area in the 1500’s from America. “

‘Pimentón de la Vera’ paprika is made in 3 types: dulce (sweet), agridulce (bittersweet) and picante (hot). It is made by grinding various types of peppers in different proportions to give the required spice.

Ours is the sweet version of smoked paprika. It can be used for a multitude of dishes (paella, sautéed potatoes, stews, marinade & rubs…). It should be added at the last minute and followed immediately by liquid. It can also be sprinkled raw on foods such as boiled potatoes, cheeses, green vegetables, octopus, or pork.

The “La Vera” process is different from those used in other paprika production areas: a fire of evergreen oak or oak firewood provides the heat necessary for the perfect dehydration of the peppers. This is a slow process that takes from ten to fifteen days, during which the peppers are turned until they reach the ideal drying point. The dried peppers are then grounded using traditional stone mills to form the paprika we know so well.
This traditional drying system gives ‘Pimentón de la Vera’ its three essential characteristics: aroma, taste, and colour stability.