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Paella’s History – Black Rice VLC

Paella is one of the most popular international dishes, it is common to see paella on many menus. However, only a few can be considered to have authenticity and reflect the original taste which proved so popular. Paella is not only food, it is a cultural heritage for the Valencian Community and needs to be preserved and developed in this tradition.

In order to define exactly what a traditional paella is and what ingredients are included, experts in the subject made a website (Wikipaella.com) where is possible to find what ingredients to use, how to cook and which restaurants are known to serve traditional paella.

As with all culturally significant foods there are as many variations as there are counties in Valencia. Wikipaella presents six different recipes of Traditional Valencian Paella according to the six different areas of Valencia.

In Spain, paella is still a unique dish. Not only do families congregate to eat paella in restaurants, but it is often cooked at weekends at holiday homes, in houses with large dining areas where families gather, at the beach or at mountain picnic sites.